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Aravali provides facilities and infrastructure that ensure the safety and comfort of children as well as reinforce and enhance learning - not only by merely being there but also through their imaginative use.


Besides exploring new perspectives in the outdoor Science Park, students of middle and senior schools can study the practical aspects of subjects in the separate laboratories for Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Computer classes. Classes 6 – 8 enjoy interactive Mathematics in the Mindspark Lab.  These labs are fitted with LCD projectors and, along with the workshop / audio-visual rooms, see many lively classes with presentations in various subjects besides the discipline they are meant for.


Fresh hot lunch is served every day at the lunch halls in Shri Aks.  Lunch is mandatory from class 2 onwards. The lunch hall is a warmth of clattering cutlery and happy chatter. Students, faculty and support staff eat together.  The menu is vegetarian, and while Indian food is usually served, the queues are more animated when there is pasta or Chinese fare – or a particular favourite closer home such as ‘aloo-puri’ or biryani with ‘raita’.

Shri Aks is cooled using environment friendly systems based on the natural flow of air and this, along with the ‘aampana’ and lime water coolers, makes the lunch hall the coolest part of the campus in summer. Before and after lunch hours, Shri Aks is used for workshops and assemblies even as a medley of sounds from its upper floors indicates the location of drama and hobby activities rooms there.


The Learning Resource Centre in the senior wing of the Aravali campus has approximately 14,000 books.   It subscribes to over 20 magazines, covering various topics from environment, politics, cars, computers, Sanskrit, Hindi, Business, Economics etc. There also are several CDs/DVDs that are subject related and used by the teachers.
Students can often be seen at the computers at the Centre industriously researching and preparing presentations for curricular and co-curricular projects. Smaller classes requiring ICT teaching aids are sometimes conducted here.


The Aravali sports ground, an oasis of green among high rises, has ample space for football / soccer and cricket.  There are two outdoor basketball courts and an indoor court in The Manju Bharat Ram Hall. The quadrangle in the senior wing houses a badminton court and table tennis tables line the sports room. Our young sportspersons can make use of the lockers and changing rooms set aside for them.

Sports Day is an important day in the calendar as are house matches and Shri Soccer, an inter-school tournament hosted by Aravali.  The Soccer and the Basketball Leagues have been running successfully for years now. There are early morning coaching sessions for school teams in basketball, soccer, cricket and athletics and after-school coaching in various disciplines for those who want to pursue their interest.  The PE team at Aravali consists of seasoned coaches in basketball, cricket, soccer and athletics who have trained and taken school teams to inter-school, regional, district, state and national level in various sports.


The well planned transport system that gives priority to the safety and security of students covers all three campuses. All buses for transporting students are air-conditioned. Care has been taken to give maximum coverage so as to provide transportation to as many students as possible.

The bus drivers are quite experienced and are also given regular training by recognized centers like AAA or similar Institutions. The School administrative staff conducts training classes for the bus maids, drivers and conductors with special emphasis on safety and security.

Every bus is equipped with GPS and the maids are provided with mobile phones in order to stay in touch with the administrative staff at regular intervals.

Bus fee is collected every quarter. Parents who wish to have their wards transported by the School bus however have to give a commitment to use the facility for 11 months at the beginning of the year. No bus fees will be charged for the month of June when the School is closed for the summer vacation.

The various bus routes with details of stops/timings are displayed in each campus as ready- reference for parents and students.


Vasant Vihar

Eight buses from all the main centers of Delhi and one from Gurgaon provide transport to and from School to some 350 students.


Fifteen buses from all the main centers of Delhi and five from Gurgaon provide transport to and from school to some 700 students.


Four buses from all the main centers of south Delhi and thirty-eight from Gurgaon provide transport to and from school to some 1500 students.



Transport is arranged for all outings organised by the school.  Parents are kept informed about bus routes and transport related details through the parent portal and text messages.  Text messages are sent to parents of all children on a particular route if a bus is delayed for some unavoidable reasons, although strict efforts are made to maintain punctuality.

Traffic Management Plan


The Manju Bharat Ram Hall, inaugurated in January 2013, has a stage for performance and a fully equipped sound and light room. The Hall’s seating area for an audience of 1400 can also double as an indoor basketball court.  The lower level of the Hall has changing rooms for students during in house and inter-school games and tournaments.
In addition, there is an outdoor stage for performances and assemblies.


The campus has a well equipped Medical Room with freshly laid out beds and the basic necessary medicines to handle common complaints and minor injuries.  A trained nurse is always on duty.  In case of emergency, the child is immediately taken to the closest hospital.  The school has tied up with a premier hospital of the city to deal with medical emergencies.

TSRS Vasant Vihar, Delhi - classes k to 5 ICSE

The Shri Ram School's, Vasant Vihar campus promotes diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes sound values, self-discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.

Vasant Vihar microsite


TSRS Moulsari, Gurgaon - classes 6 to 12 IB, CISCE

At The Shri Ram School's, Moulsari campus, the growing adolescents are encouraged to explore their abilities and talents and stretch their horizons.

Moulsari microsite       Moulsari IB microsite


TSRS Aravali, Gurgaon - classes k to 12 CISCE

At the Shri Ram School's Aravali campus you walk into the bright, airy, cheerful classrooms of the junior and the senior wings, greeted by art and craft work of the children and teachers.

Aravali junior microsite       Aravali senior microsite


  • Vasant Vihar Delhi

    Classes K to 5 ICSE
  • Moulsari Gurgaon

    Classes 6 to 12 IB, CISCE
  • Aravali Gurgaon

    Classes K to 12 CISCE