Round Square

Beyond the Classroom

Learning and optimum development of the personality is best when knowledge and skills are gleaned from various avenues beyond the conventional textbook teaching.  Books and classroom lectures remain a tool of pedagogy but learning spreads out into the world beyond.  In fact, all co-curricular activities have learning outcomes both tangible and intangible.

Inter-Disciplinary Teaching and learning through activities

Drawing upon the belief that knowledge should know no boundaries and that true learning is inter-linked and wide, many lessons are taught with perspectives and methods from different disciplines.  A classroom in which one subject is being taught may extend into another subject ‘classroom’.
Many topics are taught by involving students in activities including role playing and simulation of situations, using IT and other teaching aids, and arts and crafts.

Trips and Exchange Programmes

Over the years, the trips and the exchange programmes have proved how much of a teacher travel is. Our young travellers have been exposed to new cultures, languages and ways of thinking and behaving. They have evolved greater understanding of what is different, and have felt empowered and confident by learning how to handle the world outside familiar comfort zones. Many have returned with wonderful friendships, which continue even after the tour is over. Their world of books and classrooms has come alive in their experience.

All forms in senior school have annual outstation trips – children have a storehouse of tales of places such as Gwalior, Jaipur, Sariska, Agra, Amritsar, Dhauj and Rishikesh.  There are overseas student exchange programmes every year.  Day trips, apart from de-stress picnics to spots in the vicinity, include heritage walks and visits to museums.