The Shri Ram School

Environment Initiatives

“Try to leave the earth a better place than when you arrived.”

― Sidney Sheldon
At The Shri Ram School we understand, appreciate and value the environment. It is imperative that it is nurtured, preserved, and conserved for generations to come. It is our endeavour to help children realise that many of the world’s major problems are a result of how nature works, and the way people think. Hence, evolving into global green citizens who persevere and enhance the quality of life within their communities through the adoption of a sustainable lifestyle is the need of the hour.

Through our school’s Environment Consciousness Programme, students are being sensitised towards the various concerns our world is facing, including the climate crisis, nature crisis, pollution, and waste crisis. This comprehensive program includes impactful initiatives such as ‘The Sustainability Week’, ‘Environment Audit’ and the ‘Interdisciplinary Approach’ to learning. Additionally, sessions conducted by Madhu Bhatnagar ma’am, focus on the golden rule – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse. Endeavours such as ‘Plogging’, ‘Plantation Drives’, ‘Bring Your Own Cutlery’, ‘Use Only One Tissue’ and promoting the use of ‘Newspaper Pens’ are taken up to address the problem of climate change to some extent.

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