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ISC (Indian School Certificate) at a glance

The ISC Curriculum for classes XI and XII is thoughtfully designed to meet the diverse needs of students. It provides a progressive and inclusive approach, offering a wide array of subjects that effectively prepare students for their future undergraduate studies and competitive exams. The curriculum is comprehensive and adaptable, constantly evolving to keep pace with the demands of a globalized world. It aims to equip students with essential skills required to thrive in a dynamic and interconnected global environment. 

At The Shri Ram School we emphasise pedagogy, tech-enabled teaching and interdisciplinary approaches to deliver the curriculum in an engaging manner. The lesson plans prioritise differentiated learning techniques and strategies to ensure that each student learns in a happy and conducive environment.

The subjects offered are as follows: –


ELECTIVE SUBJECTS – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Commerce, Accounts, Economics, Fashion Designing, Legal Studies, Art, Elective English, and Environment Science

The students are allowed to pick four elective subjects according to the available bands. These subject combinations expand their horizons and open up opportunities for them to apply to various acclaimed National and International universities and pursue varied career options.

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