The Shri Ram School

Exchange Programmes

According to American social activist Robert Alan, “Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity.”
Resonating with this thought, it is our constant endeavour at The Shri Ram Schools to drive our students to appreciate diversity and instil in them a feeling of pride for one’s culture. Our Student Exchange Programmes, both virtual and physical, along with Educational trips, help them nurture friendships that transcend borders and broaden their horizons. Our aim is to foster a global vision in our students, empowering them with the potential to shape the future of our nation.
Our Exchange programmes with Germany, Sweden, Maldives, Australia and France provide ample opportunities for immersion activities that give deep insights into cultures which is so varied and different. Educational trips to Japan, Singapore, CERN, Germany and Netherlands include a plethora of specialised training programmes under the guidance of experts at esteemed institutions.
We eagerly anticipate re-establishing connections with our partner schools as we prepare to organise more educational trips and exchange programmes to understand and appreciate the richness that diversified cultures around the world offer.
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