The Shri Ram School

Visual Art

The initial response of a child to colour and the eye’s fascination with form and texture highlights the importance of art in our everyday lives. While not everyone can be an artist, everyone must learn to appreciate art and develop an aesthetic sense. Art enhances our perception, sparks creativity, fosters empathy and enriches our personal experiences.


The visual arts program at The Shri Ram Schools is a critical and dynamic component of a holistic education system, playing an essential role in interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Art, craft and design provide students with numerous opportunities to refine their skills and abilities while experiencing a range of benefits:
  1. Empowers them to communicate their ideas effectively
  2. Sharpen observation skills
  3.   Perceive things differently
  4.   Develop patience and focus
  5. Cultivate innovative thinking 
  6.   Learn collaboration and problem-solving


  1. Art Appreciation and identifying its need in today’s ever changing modern world.
  2.   Students gain knowledge of the concepts of art, craft and design that include all aspects, forms, techniques and exploring mediums.
  3.   Students identify principles of design in a range of visual disciplines.
  4. Students discuss works of art, craft and design using the vocabulary of the discipline (in terms of aesthetics and the appropriate technology).
  5. Students learn to apply their knowledge provide solutions to problems through creative and design thinking processes.
  6. Students learn about traditional and cultural art forms and acquire life skills and appreciation of crafts and craftsmen.
The visual arts program at The Shri Ram Schools provides students with a comprehensive education in art and design. They gain knowledge of fundamentals and practical experience with the required tools, materials and techniques and can specialise in various creative fields such as product design, interiors, architecture, graphic design, animation, fine art, sculpture, printmaking, photography, filmmaking, fashion, communication, media and advertising.
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