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Environment Initiatives

Environment is imperative to all sustenance and growth of any civilization and therefore it is important that we all take the time to STOP, THINK, ACT and make our world a better place to live in.


The Shri Ram School Aravali has always been progressively trying to make a change and every Head of Environment is part of a team that asks you to walk this talk with us.

The environment team is proud of its achievements in the past that include working on the rehabilitation of the Mogiya tribe, the Kids for Tigers and the Light a Billion Lives campaigns, tetra pack recycling and plastic free zones, waste management, e-waste runs and newspaper runs and the use of solar lamps in school.

The environment programme at TSRS Aravali works constantly on environment initiatives and projects to create awareness and to make a change.

We aim to make the difference and that difference, we believe, can only be visible

– when every one of us shows commitment to this movement

– when every one of us agrees to be the Ambassador of change

– when every one of us agrees to act and change more

Each one of us can join the initiative which is closest to our hearts, whether it is saving the Snow Leopard, driving the change towards alternative sources of power and energy, clean air and clean environment, the change of mindset with regard to various social issues that impact the environment, or the fight against irresponsible use of plastics.

The Environment Club and the Green Lanterns appointed this year have been a stupendous success and it is a pleasure to see the very energetic and motivated team that has joined these efforts.

We intend to have inter-house and intra-school competitions as well as talks by various eminent citizens who believe in this movement.  Under the Green-o-bin project for the segregation and recycling of waste, we have recycled about 108 kgs of paper already.

We have also begun the Energy Audit of the school and the Environment Fortnight in March with its competitions and awareness drives was highly successful.

Dhruv Bhatnagar 12C
Head of Environment (2013-14), Senior School